Entree From Kitchen

Served with miso soup, green salad & white rice

Tempura Dinner

Lightly battered & deep fried until perfectly crispy
Vegetable Tempura $10.95
Chicken Tempura
Chicken & vegetable
Shrimp Tempura
Shrimp & vegetable
House Special Tempura
Shrimp, chicken, fish, crab stick and vegetable
Kids Tempura
For chicken 10 years old & under
A. Chicken B. Shrimp

Age Mono

Chicken Katsu
Breaded & sliced chicken breast gently fried
Ton Katsu
Breaded & sliced pork gently fried
Fish Katsu
White fish gently fried
Katsu Don
Deep fried chicken or pork cutlet w. egg & veg. served over a bed of rice
A. Chicken B. Pork

Teriyaki Dinner

Broiled with special teriyaki sauce
Vegetable Teriyaki $10.95
Chicken Teriyaki $14.95
Shrimp Teriyaki $15.95
Steak Teriyaki $16.95
Tofu Teriyaki $11.95
Beef Negimaki $15.95
Salmon Teriyaki $16.95
Scallop Teriyaki $17.95
Chef Combination Teriyaki
Two of the following: chicken, steak, salmon, shrimp, scallop
Kids Teriyaki
For children 10 years old & under
A. Chicken B. Shrimp C. Steak

Bento Box

Served with miso soup, green salad, shrimp & vegetable tempura,
3 pcs shumai and one sushi roll
choice of California roll / vegetable roll / shrimp cucumber roll
Chicken Teriyaki $17.95
Salmon Teriyaki $18.95
Steak Teriyaki $18.95
Shrimp Teriyaki $18.95
Scallop Teriyaki $19.95